Zircon Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Rose Pink, Red, Yellow.

Area: Australia, Burma, Sri-Lanka, Thailand

Appearance:glasslike gives a semi transparent look

Structure type:Tetragonal, 4 sided prism

Hardness: 7.5

Astrological Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo

Zircon is said to be the stone of Virtue, it aids sleep, strengthens our wisdom. It helps us to respect not only people but place, objects and situations. It encourages all the bodies to unite bringing balance. Zircon promotes innocence, purity and loyalty.

Zircon is associated with the Base Chakra, Navel Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra helping to balance and combine the energies of all three chakras.

It aids in the healing of the nervous system, insomnia, is great for bringing strength to the muscles and bones helps to relieve dizziness


Zircon Healing Crystal Graphic

Zebra Rock Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: White, Grey, Yellow with bands of white, red, brown or maroon

Area: Australia

Appearance:Agate like opaque

Structure type:Trigonal Aggregate Microcrystalline.


Astrological Signs: Gemini Taurus

Zebra Rock has not had a lot written about it and not a lot is know about its healing qualities. I have noted that people are fascinated by the stripes on the rock and how the appear almost like they have been painted on. I have found that Zebra Rock has helped me when contemplating a problem; it has helped my concentration and thought processes.

It also brings understanding and compassion, it allows us to look below the surface and see things on a deeper level. Zebra Rock stimulates our physical energy and is recommended for those who pursue athletic activities as it provides stamina and endurance. It gives us strength in difficult times and helps to dispel anger and to bounce back after life’s setbacks.

The healing properties of this crystal have been used to aid in the healing of bone loss dry skin muscle spasms heart palpitations and vitamin deficiencies.



Chrysanthemum stone Healing Crystal Graphic

Wulfenite Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Brown, Colourless, Gold, Orange-Yellow, White, Yellow-Grey.

Area: China, Mexico, U.S.A

Appearance: Octahedral crystals, also square and tubular can be small crystals or blade on matrix.

Structure: Tetragonal

Hardness: 3

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius

Wulfenite Healing Crystals ,are associated with the lower chakras the Solar Plexus Chakra in particular. It is a wonderful grounding crystal and helps us to keep a positive outlook in life especially when dealing with situations that have a lot of negativity surrounding them. Wulfenite helps us to connect to our higher selves and with the acceptance of negativity. It helps us to bring harmony to our emotions and allows us to more easily get in touch with them.

Wulfenite aids in communication with the spiritual world and has long been used in ritual work and journeying such as astral travel. You would use this crystal for those people that have become ungrounded due to only looking at the positive aspects of every situation, it helps them to realise that you need both positive and negative to have balance in life.

Aids in areas of psychic intuition and contact with ancient civilizations. Wulfenite’s properties also allow us to recall our lost knowledge of white magic and also show us how to apply it in today’s world. It will clear emotional blocks and help to get the blocked energy moving again. Aids with passion, appetite issues also warms us and clears muddiness from our lives and allows us to accept the physical self and all the imperfections whether real or imagined. Wulfenite crystals provide us with a free flowing creativity with energies and revitalize our minds body and soul.

Wulfenite healing crystals do not have a lot of ailments that they treat specifically they are very good at overall healing and rejuvenating, but they have been used to treat women’s reproductive systems and I would recommend this crystal for any conditions that involve cold as this crystal is sensitive to heat.

Wulfenite Healing Crystal Graphic

Wulfenite Healing Crystal Graphic

Vanadinite Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Brown/Yellow, Brown/Red,Orange, Ruby Red, Yellow

Area: Argentina, Austria, Mexico, Morocco, Scotland, Spain, Transvaal, Ural Mountains, USA.

Appearance: Translucent through to transparent, small prismatic crystals

Structure type: Hexagonal prism, rounded masses and crust.

Hardness: 3.5-4

Astrological Signs: Virgo.

Vanadinite healing crystals help bring us to a state of deep meditation. It is associated with the Earth Chakra, this healing crystal ground the soul to the physical body.

Vanadinite brings an inner glow and an optimistic attitude to your life, gives deep inner peace.

Vanadinite healing crystals also assist with psychic visions and insight, using this crystal while pursuing our goals is also a very good idea, it can also help us keep our thoughts more rational.

Vanadinite healing crystals can help with breathing difficulties, asthma, exhaustion and bladder problems.




Vanadinite Healing Crystal Graphic

Uvarovite Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Emerald Green

Area: Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Ural Mountains, USA

Appearance: Transparent through to translucent prismatic crystals, crystallizes on matrix.

Structure type: Rhombic Dodecahedron, more common type 24 sided trapezhedron massive and granular are sometimes unearthed

Hardness: 6.5-7.5

Astrological Signs: Aquarius

Uvarovite healing crystal is the rarest form of all the garnets. It promotes peace and tranquility, also brings love and devotion.

Uvarovite is associated with the heart chakra. Uvarovite healing crystals have been said to promote patriotism, also helps us find that quiet and solitude that we sometimes need.

This healing crystal can help with clarifying mental processes, emotional regeneration and is a very calming and loving healing crystal.

Uvarovite can be used to assist the healing of the following conditions frigidity, toxin removal, heart, lungs, leukemia and kidney problems.




Uvarovite Healing Crystal Graphic

Unakite Crystals Healing Information

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Colour: Green and Pink

Area: South Africa U.S.A

Appearance: Mottled small polished crystals

Structure type: Aggregate rock like made up of Quartz, Feldspar and Epidote.

Hardness:6 – 7

Astrological Signs: Scorpio

Unakite healing crystals are associated with the Heart Chakra and help things associated with the heart. It is the crystal of Vision and is grounding making it a good crystal to use when meditation or doing psychic work. Unakite helps to release blockages that are preventing us from achieving our goals and growth both spiritually and emotionally. This crystal has a powerful yet gentle energy and can be used to help us find our animal guides. Unakite healing crystals help to balance our emotions with our spirituallity. Aids us in discovering what the underlying causes of disease or illness are and how to go about resolving these issues.

If you are a gardener the you will find Unakite to very helpful and as it negates electromagnetic pollution from such things as televisions it is very useful around the home. Unakite has also been used for protection over the years. If you wish to enhance your visualisation or psychic skills then Unakite is one of the crystals you should look too, it is also very helpful in scrying work as well.

It has been used to bring about unconditional love of the human race providing connection and reunion. If you are considering going through the re-birthing process then I would recommend that you have a Unakite healing crystal with you as it aids in past life healing and will bring to the surface problems so that they can be resolved.

Unakite can also assist those who have either been abondoned or have feelings of abondoment. Also a handy crystal for people who are going through separtion issues, like a child moving out of home for the first time, or moving away from family and friends.

Ailments Unakite Healing Crystals can help with: Gaining weight, very good for those recovering from major illnesses and those going though convalescents, treats the reproductive systems of both males and females. Helps you to have a healthy pregnancy, aids in the growing of skin tissue and hair.


Unakite Healing Crystal Graphic

Ulexite Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Brown, Orange, White, Yellow

Area: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Kazakhstan, Mexico, U.S.A.

Appearance: Clear white, transparent.

Structure type: Triclinic.Silky White Fibers

Hardness: 2.5

Astrological Signs: Gemini

Ulexite is also known as the T.V. rock/stone. If both top and bottom of the crystal has been polished, when placed over an image it will bring the image to the top of the crystal, working in much the same way as a T.V. picture is transmitted. This is caused by the fine thin crystals acting like optical fibers.

Ulexite works with the Third Eye Chakra, balances the yin/yang energies, aids with meditation and vision interpretation. Ulexite helps us to really see the problem enabling us to find the right solution needed. Also helps us with dream interpretations. And also how to deal with revelations as the come about. This healing crystal helps us to read others more clearly and to also see within the person. Ulexite also clears the aura, mind and heart. It stimulates the imagination, brings objectivity to our thinking.

Shows us the root of the problem and is good for students to use to aid in their learning. This crystal also brings creativity to our business endeavors, dispels negative mental energy. Ulexite also aligns the subtle bodies, provides us with the ability to assess opposing points of view and brings insight to these situations. It also aids with the immediate communication to gain information about our past lives.


Ulexite aids in the treatment of Eye disorders and helps smooth the skin.

Ulexite Healing Crystal Graphic

Tiger Eye Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Ranges from Blue, Brown, Gold-Brown, Red.

Area: Australia, India, Mexico, South Africa, U.S.A.

Appearance: Shiney with stripes of lighter shades of colour.

Structure type: Trigonal

Hardness: 7

Astrological Signs: Capricorn.

Tiger Eye increase self development, strengthens self confidence, it is a wonderful balancing stone. Tiger Eye is very useful for those starting out on the path of spiritual growth.

It Aids in the attunement of the Third Eye. Helps us to release fear and stimulates calmness an peacefulness, provides clarity, optimism, insight, perception and tolerance. Tiger Eye helps overcome addictive personalities, balances the emotional body, alleviates depression and lifts the moods.

Tiger eye provides us with an appreciation for the environment, grounds us in the physical, eases unwelcome emotions and balances mental and physical needs. Tiger Eye can be used to strengthen our psychic abilities to balance the Chakras below the Solar Plexus, provides protection, and helps us to not abuse our power, allowing for its correct use.

You will also find Tiger Eye useful for that spaced-out feeling, dilemmas, willfulness. It is very useful for providing us with a positive attitude, self esteem, self worth and creativity. It can also stimulate wealth.

Tiger Eye will assist in the areas of mental disease and personality disorders, self criticism and pride. Tiger Eye can help assist in the healing of Eyes night vision, throat, endocrine system, liver, gall bladder, throat, broken bones and the reproductive organs.




Tigereye Healing Crystal Graphic

Tree Agate Healing Crystal Information

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Colour:White with light and dark green markings

Area: Czech Republic, Iceland, India, Morocco United States

Appearance:Opaque patterned white with green spots and patches

Structure type: Micro-Crystalline Rocklike


Astrological Signs: Gemini.

Tree Agate Healing Crystals and Dendritic Agate Healing Crystals are both very similar and some say that Tree Agate and Dendritic Agate are the same crystal. While both have very similar properties I have always felt that they are two entirely different crystals. Also I have noticed that Tree Agate exhibits some of the properties of Moss Agate Healing Crystals. You can make up your own mind on this as you should. I will provide you with the information and knowledge that I have gained.

You can use Tree Agate crystals are known as the Crystals of Plentitude. And as such are most useful for use in areas of Agriculture to bring about strong and plentiful crops also to help protect them from pests and other environmental damage. You would also use Tree Agate Crystals to help improve the health and look of indoor plants and all plants that are grown in pots. A Tree Agate Healing Crystal will bring abundance into all areas of your life, including business activities, work and relationships as this healing crystal is associated with the Heart Chakra.

The power of the Tree Agate Healing Crystal is very strong and powerful but you must be patient as this healing crystal is not a fast worker and prefers to take its time to do the work required. You can also use this crystal to help to center yourself and others. It is a wonderful crystal for introspection, helps to fight stress, and provides relief from tension by helping you to relax easily and quickly.

Tree Agate healing crystals will also provide you with insight into problems this allows you to see just what the problem is and what’s causing it allowing you to correct the problem faster and easier. You will find that your environment will become far more peaceful when you have a Tree Agate healing crystal in your presence.

Tree Agate has been used as a talisman in some parts of India as far back as the 17th century. You will find that this healing crystal will help to remove egotism and arrogance from people and situations. You should use a Tree Agate healing crystal for all relationship problems that involve children. It provides us with a full awareness of our lives. It strengthens and widens our view of the world and aids us on our journey of self-discovery.

This healing crystal brings us good luck and wealth and removes negative feelings. It is a wonderful crystal to use for meditation especially when trying to communicate with the plant world as it provides us with a deeper connection to the earth.

Ailments that can benefit from using Tree Agate Healing Crystals are anything in the body with branches like the nervous system and the blood vessels. It can be used to treat flu and fever, neuralgia also to boost the immune system; help to relieve pain (placed on the painful area) strengthen the skeletal system. Tree Agate healing crystals also provide use with physical strength and are also a stimulant. And has been used to balance the water in the body.



Tree AgateHealing Crystal Graphic


Tektite Crystal Healing Information

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Colour: Black, BrownArea: Australia, Tibet, United States, has been found worlwide

Appearance: Usually rounded with craterlike marking. glassy.

Structure type: Amorphous

Hardness: 5.5

Astrological Signs:Aries, Cancer.

Tektite is a meteor, this healing crystal has very powerful energy, it is wonderful for helping us to accumulation knowledge and insight.

This healing crystal aids us with insight,strenghtens the energy field. Tektite encourages dreaming helping us understand what is happening in our lives.

Tektite is a wonderful crystal to use when communicating with other worlds, it helps us with our spiritual growth, assists with gaining higher knowledge and helps us let go of experiences that are undesirable. This healing crystal is also useful for telepahty , Clairvoyance and has been used in Psychic Surgery.

Tektite strengthens the Aura and balances the yin/yang energy. It helps us remember what we have learned. It balances and activates the Chakra system, aids in comprehension. Tektite also helps is the healing of the nervous system, fever, capillaries and the circulation.




Tektite Healing Crystal Graphic