Serpentine Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Green shades, Black, Brown, Red, YellowArea: Britain, Italy, Norway, Russia, U.S.A. Zimbabwe.

Appearance: Mottled in appearance.

Structure type: Monoclinic, mirco-crystalline aggregate.

Hardness: 2-4.5

Astrological Signs: Gemini


Serpentine gets is name from ancient times for its resemblance to the skin of Snakes, and so it has always been used to treat Snake Bite. It cleans balances and activates the Crown Chakra, it helps to avert harm. It is said to enhance and awaken psychic abilities, ease fears. This crystal will help to clear a pathway for the Kundalini energy to arise. It also eases the discomfort that sometimes accompanies the Kundalini rising. Serpentine also helps us to take in and use Prana energy. It provides calm and stability to the mind.

Serpentine helps us to retrieve lost wisdom and also allows us to access the memories of our past lives. It heightens perception aids mental and emotional balance. The healing properties of this crystal help with insomnia and nightmares that are often due to anxiety and fear. Serpentine is also known as the earth stone. Helps to calm paranoia and fears of the unknown. Aids in meditation provides comforting and enlightening energy.

Serpentine can be used to clear all the Chakras, and help in spiritual searches and angelic guidance. Will calm a mind that normally cannot be not be stilled. Will allow you to take control of your life. Brings compassion and aids in directing healing energy to the areas that require it the most. This healing crystal also provides us with forgiveness.

This is another crystal that is said to have been used in the breastplates of the high priests.

Serpentine’s healing properties can be used to aid Calcium and Magnesium Absorption,Cleansing and Detoxifying, Diabetes, Elimination of Parasite, Strengthens Back and Skeletal systems. You can obtain more information on this healing crystal from my Crystal Vibrations healing books.


Serpentine Healing Crystal Graphic

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